To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. ~ Elliott Erwitt
Instagram by yonbcps.

Phoneography composition tip:
Who says your photos have to be right-side up?
Instagram at Hillcrest Park by @fliptheu.

The Lucas AB2 lens is beautifully designed.

»I must admit I am getting a little swept up in iPhone Photography.
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Thoughts on iOS 5 (or ‘First World Problems’)

I don’t have the 4GS, nor Siri (which I assume is the best part based on all the fuss), but I do have a 4G. I just upgraded to the new operating system.

Upgrading an iOS is basically different steps of waiting for f***ing ever while your phone swaps out a nearly 1G file, online, along side the other millions and millions of people doing the exact same thing. At the exact same time. So they were unable to handle the requests, giving a lot of people the middle finger of a 3200 error. For a better part of the day. Which sucks, because you don’t know the upgrade isn’t going to work until the FOURTH or FIFTH step of waiting forever while your phone backs up/restores. And you wouldn’t know that it was THEIR problem and not yours unless you did a TON of digging online. You’d think a company that makes more than Exxon Mobil could shoot a dude an email saying “Hey, wait awhile before you try this. We have detected a capacity problem. We don’t want to ruin your experience, because the user’s experience is why we make more than Exxon Mobil.” Or, you know, something similar. Or maybe they should hire Netflix to do their upgrades. They have no problem sending enourmous amounts of data, simultaneously, to a bazillion people. But, again, there really wasn’t much mention of it online. On the INTERNET: the place that scours over the magnitude of Apple’s every tiny movement. But whatever. I finally got it onto my phone.

Notification Center The future is going to be riddled with people being notified for everything through their phones. Which is scary to me. There’s like 52743957283 layers of notifications in this OS. It’s a little intense. You can shut it off, but still. It’s intense.

Newstand Huh. I will probably almost never use this. The NY Times app sucks anway. Newstand is the Game Center of iOS 5. I could see it playing on the iPad, but it’s silly on the iPhone.

Twitter Integration Pretty cool - but a good deal of the more popular apps have already had this going. Where’s Facebook integration? Oh yeah, that was a purposeful jab. Steve Jobs is still w/ us in spirit. There should be Tumblr integration, too, btw.

Camera From Lock Screen Yes.

In-Photo Editing Maybe helpful, but I’m still going to mess with it in other apps (Instagram, PS).

My favorite feature, though, is that you can delete songs on your phone from your phone now. Yay.

So, not bad, Apple. It’s not the iPhone 5 / OS game shifter everyone had talked about, but it’s a bunch of ok tweaks. A decent first post-jobs move. But I get the feeling that Android and Windows phones are going to have most of these features soon enough, if not some of them already.

Having said that stuff, people in Chinese Foxconn plants sometimes commit suicide rather than going back to work to make these phones. So anytime I give any praise or any facetime (no pun intended) to Apple, I’m going to at least mention the reality of their business model.